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buddyBridge Advertising Information

       buddyBridge is the fastest growing online community offering more features than any other social website on the internet! Whether you are looking to reach a highly targeted audience or to communicate to mass users, buddyBridge can meet your advertising objectives. Ability to target With hundreds of topic related areas, buddyBridge can reach almost all areas of interest. So no matter whom you are trying to reach, we can deliver your target audience.

Specific Ads:
If you need to reach the financial sector, you can advertise specifically within the Money channels or pick and choose from any relating targeted fields.

Our expert sales team can create a custom advertising program that will group the right sectors together for your product or service. This will ensure that your message is exposed according to your advertising needs.

Brand Positioning:
Your brand will benefit from the association with specific About Guides who understand and share the interests of your target audience. This personal relationship between Guides and users make About a unique advertising environment. It puts your brand in context and leads to higher click-through and purchase rates.

Pricing for ads is as follows:
(Introductory offer on ads. Prices subject to change without notice.)

Basic Ad: $100 per wk.
(1 text ad with guaranteed 10% display in rotation)

Premium Ad: $300 per wk.
(1 stationary ad on any targeted page)

If you are interested in running an ad on our website, please send a detailed email to: [email protected]

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