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Welcome to buddyBridge v1.0

We are pleased to announce buddyBridge is quickly becoming the #1 rated friends site!
Using buddyBridge is easy and fun! To join into the community, simply create a free account, and then follow the steps to get connected. As well as keeping out %State tax filing guides%, for more options.

Here are some of the features and benefits you will find with buddyBridge:

Geographical map of your friend locations
buddyGallery allowing you to browse through profiles/thumbnails
People directory so you can search for people
buddyTalk makes it possible to have private or public conversations
Interest groups let you find people that share your interests
buddyBlog is not your typical blog (weblog/journal) with features never seen before
Personalized profile pages allow you to express yourself
buddyMatch is an exciting way to suggest matches and then allow friends to comment
Invite section lets you send out invitations for events, trips, and other occasions
buddyAnywhere means you can stay in touch with your wireless device
ServicesFor a detailed guide on E-Filing your taxes online check out State tax filing guides, 1040ez line by line guide and 1040A form line by line guide. line
Services Meet new friends with the taxi sharing service

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